Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2 Broke Girls: And the Candy Manwich [S2, E6]

The focus for this episode is the two girls meeting Caroline's, as Max says, new husband Candy Andy (so the title :p). If you haven't guessed already, Andy is a candy store owner. They met him after Caroline complains about their life (nothing new here) and Max offered to treat her to lunch (now that's new XD). A side issue for this episode would be Han and Sophie arguing about her booth in the diner.

I liked this episode a lot better than the episode last week. Max is great as usual. Not that I don't like Caroline. I actually find Caroline really cute and she's also very funny but Max is just.. You should know what I mean if you're watching the show. If not then, you should start watching it now cos it’s awesome. Lol.

There were so many parts of this episode that I found hilarious but when I was thinking what I should quote, I couldn't decide. Perhaps cos this show's strong point is not really the lines but how the actors deliver them. :p Anyways, in the end I settled on Max's adorable love for candies and pills. XD

Wait. You know people who have access to pills?
Just when I thought you couldn't get any better.
No. Not for you, for me.
I'm getting unlimited candy and maybe some pills.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Raising Hope

My Say

I didn't think I would like this series at first when someone told me about it. However, once I began watching it I just couldn't stop. Idk, I just love the Chance family. They are so cute and funny and maybe a bit weird. Okay, a lot weird but are also, in so many ways, lovely. I like Virginia Chance (played Martha Plimpton) the most among the characters but like The Big Bang Theory, I find the whole cast amazing.

The Plot

The show centers on the Chance family and how their life changed after the son knocked up a serial killer and they had to take care of the baby after she was electrocuted. The previous sentence may seem a bit cheesy and actually most episodes (if not all) have one or a couple of life lessons behind them but that doesn't change the fact that this is one awesome and funny show. Of course, like all other TV shows, the main character (the son) has a love line which in this case is in the form of a really short and sarcastic shopping mart cashier.

The Characters

Like I said earlier, my favorite character in this show is the motherVirginia. Her humor and all those facial expressions of hers are just plain amusing. Next to her would be the father, Burt. I like how he's kind of stupid and very clingy to his family. The stupidity goes for the whole family, I guess? Well, not really because Maw Maw and Hope are actually smart. :p But Burt's character is just so naive and his mind is too simple that you just can’t love him. Virginia and Burt really have got to be the best married couple there is. ^^ (Yeah, I’m a fan of this couple more than anything else. /shot) As for the baby, Hope, I find her cute as well as the kid that plays young Jimmy. I also like Maw Maw just not when she gets naked and everything and eats weird stuff. :p I'm fine with Jimmy and Sabrina though they kinda annoy me sometimes thus they’re at the bottom of my list. XD

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Big Bang Theory: The Extract Obliteration [S6, E6]

The main topics for this episode are Sheldon playing an online game with his idol Stephen Hawking and Penny taking a history class in a community college. I think the episode is okay though it kinda makes me miss again one of my favorite aspects in this series, the interaction between Shelly and Penny. Idk, I'm okay with Amy. I mean, she isn't my favorite but her character's admittedly one of the most source of comedy in this show since she became a main cast. However, with Penny having gal pals now she's mostly either with them or just Leonard and thus Shelly and Penny have only little to no moments at all in most episodes. L

My favorite exchange for this episode:
[Amy to Penny] You guys have got to be the weirdest couple I know.
[Penny] Really? You can't think of anyone weirder?
[Amy] I can. But she's sitting right there.

My favorite comment from a character:
[Leonard after reading Penny's history paper] She writes like she cooks.

The Big Bang Theory

My Say

The Big Bang Theory is I guess by far my most favorite sitcom. I don't know anymore how many times I've re-watched the whole series but the characters still don't fail to make me laugh every time. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) is easily my favorite character in the show. Even though I agree with my brother about the fact that interacting with someone like Sheldon in real life would be a real pain in the ass. XD

The Plot

Well, basically there are four geeky guys who usually hang out together in the apartment shared by two from the group. One day a hot girl moves in across the hall and one of those two guys fall for her in an instant and so he tries everything to make her like him back but of course it isn't that easy when you're a nerd and short and on top of that has a crazy, obnoxious roommate who can never get sarcasm and two other equally nerdy friends, one of which who can't stop hitting on women with ridiculous pickup lines while the other can't speak whenever a lady is in the room.

The Characters

For me, all the characters in this series are awesome. I like Shelly a lot more than the rest of the gang but they are all really good and funny. I kinda hate Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) sometimes when he's being all pretentious and whatnot and Howard (played by Simon Helberg) when he's getting too creepy but those are part of their characters and also make the show funnier, I guess? So still, it's all cool. That said, next to Shelly my next favorite characters are Rajesh (played by Kunal Nayyar) and Penny (played by Kaley Cuoco). I just find Rajesh really funny with all the Indian and gay jokes played around his character throughout the series. And well, of course, the not being able to speak to women issue. I like Penny particularly when she's dealing with Sheldon but really, I kinda find the fact that she's getting alarmingly wider every season a bit bothering. I mean, well, idk how to rephrase that so I'll just leave it at that. :p I still like her of course. As for Bernadette (played Melissa Rauch) and Amy (played by Mayim Bialik), uhm, I like Bernadette and kinda dislike Amy for not treating her well but at the same time I also find that side of their characters funny. I find Bernadette cute and Amy weird but in terms of who makes me laugh more I think it would be Amy. Her huge affection for Shelly is really hilarious after all. :p